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Chalotte, 16 ans
Dear Weston family, I'm writting to you from Yvetot. I've finished my holidays in Jullouville but I have yet three weeks to prepare the back to school and see my friends.. I hope you passed good holidays. Again, thank you for the week I passed with you in June. Bye,

Parents d'Arthur et Julia, 10 et 8 ans
Dear Emma, Paul, Mathew and Alex, thanks again for the great time you gave to our children. They learned a lot about English and life this week!!!! They have lots of marvelous souvenirs and lots of expression in English as well. Bravo to you! Hope to meet you again. Best wishes.

Matthieu's parents, 14 ans
Thank you very much , dear family Weston. Matthieu was a little bit afraid before the stay, but he was very happy when he came back. He has been very impressed by the quality of the food !

Thomas, 13 ans
Thank you all for your kindness ! Emma, thank you for looking after me. Paul, thank you for the nice meals. Alex and Matt, thank you for the games we shared. And Sandy the cat, you're so cute ! Thomas.

Guilhem, 16 ans
This week was so cool i really liked every day but yesterday at swimming was my favourite. Paul is a great cook and i love my food; Emma you are a great teacher i am better in English thanks to you. The golf; swimming were my favourite and i am looking forward to cooking with mr Weston today I am sad to leave you. Sandy (the cat) I love you