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    Parents d'Arthur et Julia, 10 et 8 ans
    Dear Emma, Paul, Mathew and Alex, thanks again for the great time you gave to our children. They learned a lot about English and life this week!!!! They have lots of marvelous souvenirs and lots of expression in English as well. Bravo to you! Hope to meet you again. Best wishes.

    Guilhem, 16 ans
    This week was so cool i really liked every day but yesterday at swimming was my favourite. Paul is a great cook and i love my food; Emma you are a great teacher i am better in English thanks to you. The golf; swimming were my favourite and i am looking forward to cooking with mr Weston today I am sad to leave you. Sandy (the cat) I love you

    Clément, 16 ans
    This week was a great week the activities were very funny. I was not happy to be here at the start as i usually am skiing but the family were kind and welcoming, i was happy. Despite the cold weather we did very good activities. The food was amazing i have never been so happy to eat. The best moment was when Elena lost the race. The work in the morning was very good and it has improved my English and my parents are so happy Alex and Matt are so kind I will do it again.

    Elena, 17 ans
    I really liked the week Emma is a fantastic person and teacher thanks to her my English has greatly improved. Alex and Mattheew are really cool. Monday was cool playing golf and pingpong . i loved the swimming ; the meals were delicious the father is a fantastic cook yummy. The evenings are very friendly the stay is very important to me thankyou for the week its fantastic

    Louise, 15ans
    Merci à la famille Weston, un séjour inoubliable, une famille très investie et à l'écoute. Toutes les conditions sont reunis pour apprendre correctement.